Customer Service Rep For Photography Studio

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Customer Service Rep For Photography Studio

Job description

What's The Job?

The Customer Service role is the first point of contact for all inbound contacts at Products On White Photography (POW!).  You'll be helping customers with level 1 questions through chat, email & phone.  Types of inquiries include; questions about our services, updates to orders, invoicing on smaller projects & fielding initial revision requests.  A full understanding of our services, policies, pricing and workflows will be key.  In most cases, you will route questions to the right team members and make sure the customers have a great experience.  

This is not a high volume call center kind of job, but if you come from an environment like that you'll probably find this job slower paced and more focused on outcomes than volume.  Each customer is important to us and you'll have time to carefully address their issues with the goal of genuinely helping them and making their experience special.

The Perfect Candidate

The perfect candidate for this position is a great communicator, super organized, has a fun positive attitude and is a fast learner.

  • You'll be writing and speaking to many different people throughout the day. Therefore, excellent written and verbal communication skills that are simultaneously professional and personal is the most important part of getting the job done effectively. 
  • You may be addressing multiple different tasks with multiple different people simultaneously, so your ability to multitask, remember key details and organize is paramount.
  • You'll be at the center of all the action and working closely with everyone from customers to employees, so having an outgoing and positive attitude will be an important trait for this position.  
  • You must be able to diffuse difficult customer situations confidently, stick to the policies in spite of push back and find ways to make every customer experience a positive one.
  • You must be comfortable around computers and confident with learning new software easily and quickly.
  • This is a remote position, you must be an independent self starter that can work without direct supervision.

If you're a photographer or creative who's looking for a bit of a change, this could be a great role for you.  Whereas you won't be shooting, you'll be talking to people about photography all day.  Our customers are typically not creatives, so you'll have a chance to give them a voice and guide them down the right path.


  • Full-time: 37.5 hour a week,  9am - 5pm CST, M-F
  • Pay: $15 an hour
  • PTO, Sick & Holidays
  • 100% Remote Position
  • Option to work On-location if in Chicago after covid restriction subside
  • Background Check Required


Job Mission:

Help customers solve problems or answer questions by working with different departments within the business.


  • Extensive computer skills
  • Great written and oral communication skills
  • Independent & self-motivated worker
  • Ability to work remote with personal computer + video + headset
  • Talk clearly with customers and have a genuine interest in others.
  • Must be tech-savvy and able to learn new software quickly.
  • An excellent and thoughtful writer.
  • Keen attention to detail and highly organized.
  • Cool under-pressure and at ease with “tough” customer interactions.


  • Reply To Inbound Calls, Emails, Chats Thoughtfully within 24 hours or less
  • Answer basic questions & solve level 1 problem
  • Qualify all potential leads before passing them to sales team
  • Gather info and prep for revisions team
  • Enforce all policies and workflows